The Tablet of Dreams

Right after Apple introduced the first iPad in 2010, people speculated about the next iPad. Called the 'iPad Pro,' the speculated designs had laptop-sized screens, OS X-like interfaces, and ultra thin bezels. These designs made a dream come true seem very close: a mobile device as powerful as a desktop.

The real iPad Pro came out in 2015. Every feature satisfied my hopes except for one: iOS. The minimalistic design of iOS was great for broad appeal, but I hoped for a new OS that's as versatile as existing desktop OSes.

I dreamt of a handheld device capable of most things imaginable. I dreamt of a small and cheap low-end device running a versatile OS with no drawbacks. Thus, I created X - the tablet of my dreams - as a proof of concept.


35.6cm x 22cm x 1.5cm

Welded aluminum sheets

14" capacitive touchscreen

Raspberry Pi Zero W Motherboard

Customized Raspbian Lite OS


The Making Of

Joonho Han © 2016