As a child, I used to write books. Whatever I wrote, it was always about an imaginary universe called Epicross. One day, I wanted to create an artwork based on Epicross, just like how people created replicas of sci-fi movie props. I decided to create two books written in the language of Epicross, supposedly by the people from that world: a catalog of ancient weapons and the Epicross historia. As time passed, I realized that a digital medium will last longer than a physical one. So, I put these two books together and made a mobile library app. This is Monolith.

About Epicross

Who was your hero? Some people might have had real-life heroes. Some people borrowed from the comic books. As a kid, I did the exact same; my favorite hero back then was X from the Megaman series. I loved my hero so much that I started writing fan fictions based on the same universe. This new hobby of mine led me to ask, "Why not create my own hero?" Thus, Raid John Cleric was born, who had his own special weapon, arch-nemesis, and history. This is where I gave the setting of his story a name, Epicross, just so I can refer to it. In reality, however, it can be anything as long as Raid is in it. For example, sometimes I imagine Raid appearing in other worlds such as the Middle-Earth. In that case, Epicross would expand to include the Middle-Earth.


Platform: Android 4.4 KitKat or higher

Language: Java, XML

Time of Work: May 2015 - August 2015.

60 page Archive of Weapons

100 page Epicross Historia


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Archive of Weapons

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The Seltra

Archive of Weapons

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