Seltra means a "perfectly beautiful object." It's something I tried to create for ten years, with four attempts starting from 2008. After my last attempt, I realized that I will not have a consistent definition of beauty, and so I cannot create a solid representation of it. Thus, I created a logo that symbolizes my efforts and tattooed it to remember that I tried to achieve something.


I used to introduce this project as a failure, and then somebody told me not to; he said it was bad self-marketing. Truth is, it doesn't matter, because while working on this project, I gained many things besides simply making a jewelry. People are told not to give up, while I learned myself not to. I gained artisan skills I wouldn't have learned if not for working on this project. I realized that anything can be achieved as long as you put your mind to it, no matter how hard the task seems at the time. However, most of all, I learned to accept change. This does not mean that change is inevitable and there is no meaning in trying to perfect something. This means I can always adapt to change if I put my mind into it, and that I can find happiness no matter where I am in life. If life is about change, then wouldn't it be better to make happy memories that last even for a while, than to lament how it will all become the past?


Version 7

Stainless Steel, 5.122cm x 1.254cm x 2.5cm

Silicon strap, 18mm joint

Filled with epoxy, gold painting and a steel structure

The Last Seltra

Joonho Han © 2016