Seltra is a name given to each of my attempts to create the "perfectly beautiful object." There were a total of four attempts, starting from 2008. After my last attempt, I concluded that it is impossible to create a perfectly beautiful object since I will not have a consistent definition of beauty. Afterwards, I created a logo that symbolizes all the attempts and tattooed it to remember its significance (This is the same logo used for this website).


This project established the two core values of my life. The first is, "Do not give up." This project lasted eight years; by the time I was finished with the last version, this project had took up almost half of my lifetime. Through all those years, I studied new skills to improve my product: woodworking, jeweling, CAD, and many other skills I wouldn't have learned if not for this project. I realized that anything can be achieved as long as you put your mind to it, no matter how hard the task seems at the time. The second is, "Everything will change." This does not mean that change is inevitable and there is no meaning in trying to perfect something. Combined with the first core value, it means I can always adapt to change if I put my mind into it, and that I can find happiness no matter where I am in life. If life is about change, then wouldn't it be better to make happy memories that last even for a while, than to lament how it will all become the past?


Version 7

Stainless Steel, 5.122cm x 1.254cm x 2.5cm

Silicon strap, 18mm joint

Filled with epoxy, gold painting and a steel structure

The Last Seltra

Joonho Han © 2016